Three SEO rich word blog articles for website (up to 500 words)

We are running a conference for Recruiters, Recruitment Leaders and Talent Acquisition Specialists alike on 30 June and leading up to this we need to continue to drive engagement and get more sign ups. Our free annual conference is virtual and we invite people all over the industry, from Recruiter’s, Recruitment Leaders, Talent Acquisitions Partners and all their teams alike.

Event website:
Our company website:

I am after 3 blogs to captivate our audience and show the need to attend our vital conference:

Blog 1 and for Recruitment Leaders
Blog 2 for Recruiters
Blog 3 for Talent Specialists

Conference Themes are:

Business Growth
People Development

These are the blogs that I would like please:

Recruitment leaders:

What will the next era of recruitment leadership look like? – Blog 1
How do we find and develop skills and talent in the recruitment workforce?


How can I recruit better and overcome recruitment challenges? – (please include some practical tips in here and add a hook to attend the event for more) – Blog 2

Talent acquisition specialists:

What is the greatest challenge in talent acquisition? Blog 3

These are some of the related questions that popped up on SEMRush for the topic ‘Recruitment challenges’, so you can include these as your H2 tags or even the article titles when you structure the article:
What are the biggest issues with today’s recruitment industry?
What is the future of recruitment? – this is more fitting for a title as well as your event tag line is ‘Facing future challenges together’.

Please familiarise yourself with the event website to form the basis of these 3 blogs, it will provide all the content that you should need. But feel free to come back to me if you need any further assistance or need me to clarify anything.

I have also attached two excel spreadsheet documents to support your blogs with keywords that will help with ranking.

Are you able to get these 3 blogs back to me by the end of the week Monday 6 June?

Many thanks,

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