About Us
Tiny company, based in LA, finally beginning to develop better organizational procedures  to help with improved vision and future expected growth on a small budget.

Your Qualifications
Be able to read and write like a native in English. Be organized, efficient, a problem solver, passionate for creating business systems and streamlining operations.

Our Needs
We need someone who can provide Virtual Support for us and help in setting up systems and processes. These would include 1) Writing proficiently in English 2) Occasional content editing and creation 3) Ability to provide customer support emails 4) Be able to conduct research on both people and companies 5) Able to create marketing emails to send to former leads to continue to market to them. and for both support and for marketing 6) Proficient at documenting work flow

Long Term
We expect this position to grow over time. As we have just started to incorporate more tools to ensure this to be a more effective experience, there are changes that will need to be made as we ‘figure out’ our flow. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This may or may not impact your time each week as we continue to make adjustments to what is working.

To apply for this job please visit www.upwork.com.