I run a few e-commerce/dropshipping brands and I am looking for a TikTok creative director to help do the creative direction for TikToks that will be ran as ads for products on both the TikTok and Facebook ads platforms.

You will be responsible for contacting and managing the content that influencers and content creators make for us. You will need extensive knowledge of TikTok and especially the type of TikToks that work for selling products, and be able to create scripts and scenes for specific products and present them in a compelling way.

You will first assemble a roster of content creators (which I will show you how), and then you will deal with the day to day operations of emailing and contacing these content creators, which the most important part will be sending them a script of exactly what the TikTok ad creative should look like when it is done. You will also be responsible for finding and managing a library of other good TikTok ad creatives (sourced from online) that we can use as inspiration for our own TikToks.

Knowledge of e-commerce and previous e-commerce/dropshipping experience is a huge plus but is not absolutely necessary for this position. If hired, you will be working approximately 10 – 20 hours a week as a part-time job, with work hours being quite flexible.

If intersted, please send me a brief description of your knowledge and experience with TikTok and especially TikTok ad creatives, as well as links to 5 TikToks (from anywhere) that you believe would make really great ads for selling a product.

Look forward to working with you!

To apply for this job please visit www.upwork.com.