Needs to hire 3 Freelancers
We’re a digital agency/marketing company with clients worldwide but predominantly in the USA; co-founded by a well-known business influencer..

****This is an internship and great for gaining some Upwork history and a good review.****

Please apply if you’re looking for something you can commit to, as we spend a lot of time training and guiding interns on social media. We have a phenomenal training and support program for newbies.


– Website editing
– Admin tasks that require attention to detail
– Preparing emails
– Working for many clients helping create reports, assisting with promotional campaigns, research, using various tools.
– TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other social media promo & marketing (reaching out to followers, etc.)
– Handle social media engagement and content
– Gathering marketing resources (someone who can write articles is a plus)
– Other tasks related as required


1. You will generally be computer savvy—you know how to use Google Drive and Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Presentations, etc. confidently.

2. VERY VERY GOOD attention to detail! When you submit a job for payment, you need to make sure it is right, so we don’t waste time having to police small and time-consuming errors that could have been avoided.

3. Apply if you know that:
* You want to be a star freelancer,
* You are SERIOUS about being committed to something in the digital marketing field, and
* You are DEDICATED to having a spirit of excellence
* You want to build a career – not just make fast bucks

4. The internship lasts for 6 months for most growth – think of it as an immersive training and experiential learning program. There are opportunities later if you perform well.

NOTE: The stipend is modest, however, this is a great opportunity to build feedback and experience on the Upwork platform.

We operate in the Singapore timezone (GMT +8) during the daytime since that’s when our team is most active. To avoid exhaustion on your end, we’d appreciate it if you weren’t involved in any full-time work. This is not suitable for full-time students as well.

To show me you actually read this application thoroughly and have good attention to detail please tell me what is the color of the ocean first in your cover letter and also clearly state why you’d be right to commit to an internship. You’d be surprised how many people don’t read fully, and this shows us that they wouldn’t be great on this job which requires attention to detail.

Please read everything once more to be sure that you understand all the tasks and everything else that is stated and required above. Don’t forget to attach the screenshots for your internet speed test and typing test in your application.

To apply for this job please visit