As a Content Creator at Lumina, you’ll play a pivotal role in crafting engaging and captivating content for our clients’ social media platforms. Your creativity and storytelling abilities will drive brand awareness and build meaningful connections with the audience.

– Basic Responsibilities:

1) Ideate, create, and curate visual and written content for various social media channels, including graphics, images, videos, and captions.
2) Develop content that aligns with each client’s brand voice, values, and marketing objectives.
3) Collaborate with the Social Media Strategist to ensure content aligns with the overall social media strategy.
4) Stay updated on social media trends, platform algorithms, and best practices to optimize content performance.
5) Monitor and respond to audience engagement and feedback to enhance content effectiveness.
Social Media Strategist:

As a Social Media Strategist at Lumina, you’ll be the mastermind behind our clients’ social media success. Your data-driven approach and strategic insights will elevate their online presence and achieve measurable business goals.

– Basic Responsibilities:

1)  comprehensive social media strategies tailored to each client, outlining objectives, target audience, content themes, and KPIs.
2) Analyze social media data and performance metrics to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
3) Identify trends and opportunities in the social media landscape to keep clients ahead of the competition.
4) Collaborate with the Content Creator and other team members to execute strategic plans effectively.
5) Provide clients with regular reports and recommendations to optimize their social media presence and achieve business objectives.
6) These roles are essential in delivering exceptional social media management services to our clients at Lumina. We’re seeking creative and data-driven talents who can work collaboratively and are passionate about creating meaningful impact in the digital world.

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