This is awkward…
We are a women-led start up fashion brand. We are building a community who celebrate all that makes us different, yet brings us together.
A few words about us:

Style makes us smile
Animals are souls too
Weirdness is welcome

We are looking for a content creator/brand ambassador with a sense of humor and great style to create video content for our social media. To do this you will need our signature “Scoop” sneaker. Our shoes currently run in women’s full sizes 6-11.

We want YOU to be as authentic, innovative and “awkward” as possible in creating content that will help us build our community of Awkward Souls.

To familiarize yourself with our brand and see if we might be a fit for your talents pls check us out at:

IG:  @awkwardsoulsofficial
TT:  @awkwardsoulsofficial

Stay Awkward!

To apply for this job please visit