Inner Angel is an Internationally-accredited Gut Health Training School. We are about to launch our online education for our students so they can do the majority of their qualification online, then come to our clinic in Ireland to complete 100 hours of practical training. Alternatively, they can continue working within our Head Office Irish Clinic or set up an Inner Angel Franchise anywhere in the world.

We are looking for social marketing content across a variety of platforms. We need text content only, no need got graphics as we already have a designer.

Please create 10 posts on any topics of your choice that relate to Inner Angel as a brand. You will find more information at and

You are welcome to post on as many topics as you like, so long as it produces 10 x Facebook posts, 10 x Instagram posts, 10 x Twitter posts, 10 x Tik Tok posts and 4 x Linked In posts.

We will give preference to Freelancers who can show example work or if they have worked in a similar industry.

To apply for this job please visit