I am looking to work with an assistance to help improve consistency of posting on my social media pages (mainly Facebook and Instagram) for my property renovation and investment business.

I require someone to send reminders x amount of times per day to send them photos and captions for them to post them on the social media channels the following day. My idea was to have the reminders be sent x amount of times per day, I send the photos and captions over and then the assistant schedules for them spots to be posted the following day.

Ideally it would be good to work with someone that has worked with a property investment company before so we can posting categories etc.

This is a slight vague post as I am new to using an assistant but I am sure the right assistant can arrange a call with me to create an actual plan to implement this. I have plenty of images to provide and captions for images. We just need to figure out categories, days to post about said category, amount of times to post per day/week and to discuss anything else that the assistant thinks I am forgetting.

To apply for this job please visit www.peopleperhour.com.