I am looking for someone to create 3 different videos for our small business to use for ads on social media. We sell sourdough starter kits so people can make their own bread from scratch at home.

I have received a handful of videos from our customers that have reviewed the kit. They typically talk about their experience, how easy and fun it was, and show the end result of them cutting open their bread and showing how great it looks. We want a video to show potential customers just how easy the process is and how much fun they could have doing so. We have an example of another business ads that we love and can definitely be looked at for inspiration:


We have a Google Drive folder that will be shared with the successful candidate containing all the videos that are split into folders for each different customer (6 customers in total). We can leave some creative ideas up to you – if you think that the video would best be focussed on one customer or have multiple customers featured in the one video then we are happy to hear that proposal. Or as we require 3 different videos, then maybe there can be a mix!

Final video deliverables (the end result):

– if there is only 1 idea presented in the video and it doesn’t require any explanation: 15-25 seconds is enough
– if the video is about demonstrating a process (e.g. preparing the dough), or it has more than 1 point presented: 20-40 second
– if the video is a testimonial and a current customer wants to go over their overall experience: 30-60 seconds. It can be shorter if the customer doesn’t really get into a story
*General rule: if it can be short and still get the message across, then go for that.

First 2-3 seconds of the video:
– Grab their attention and incentivize them to continue watching (e.g. have a hook)

Video size:
– at least 1080×1080  (in square format is enough)
– if I have the video in 1080×1920 then it will improve the looks for the Stories format. The main format is square, but if I have the video in 1080×1920 and it still makes sense in 1080×1080 (after I cut it), then this is ideal.

I have future video editing needs as well, so if the right candidate performs well then there will likely be ongoing work.

To apply for this job please visit www.upwork.com.