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    While the use of digital cameras has made it easier for
    photographers to quickly check whether or not they like the
    shot they've taken, there are still usually flaws that need
    to be touched up or a crop that will make the image more
    dramatic. Because of this, they need to use image editors
    to produce their desired results.

    While image editors that are built-in to the computer's OS
    (take Microsoft Paint, for example) can do very basic
    editing, power users such as professionals and web
    designers need more powerful programs.

    There are a number of good image editors out there that are
    popular among photographers and web designers alike. For
    one there's Adobe Photoshop.

    Ever since it was released in 1990, its use has become an
    industry standard in the image editing industry. Then
    there's Corel PHOTO-PAINT of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

    This program specifically targets photographers who wish to
    edit their images using the computer.

    Another photo editing software is GIMP which stands for GNU
    Image Manipulation. The good thing about this photo editor
    is that you can use it in a variety of operating systems
    such as Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix.

    For those who are used to the Photoshop interface, there's
    the GIMPshop developed by Scott Moschella.

    Google has also developed Picasa which is a basic photo
    editing and organizing software which can be useful to
    photographers who only need to crop, fix red eye, and
    adjust the hues on their photos.